Secutor’s Mod 16 Fighter (Tank) PT/BR

by Secutor on June 14, 2019
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Secutor’s Mod 16 Fighter (Tank) PT/BR

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Welcome to my guide for fighters! I’d like to apologize for grammatical errors, my native language is not English. I will try to avoid as many grammatical errors as possible.

With the arrival of module 16, we are faced with a completely different game, new classes, new mechanics and changes that have transformed the Neverwinter in a dramatic way. One such change is the extinction of the former Guardian Fighter and the birth of the Fighter. It is a class suitable for players who want to be at the forefront of the battle, being able to absorb large amounts of damage. Paired with a good healer, the fighter is an almost unbeatable tank.

The purpose of this guide is not only to show a build you can copy and use in your character, but to provide a basis for building it correctly and teaching the new mechanics of the class so that you can understand and play your game with your Fighter, providing a better understanding and real learning. Try different equipments, talents and powers and learn how to create your own build.

Para quem fala português deixo o link do atual guia traduzido:


Races, Abilities and Stats


Choosing the race of your Fighter is something quite personal, so there is no right or wrong, better or worse. The difference between them does not significantly influence the build’s ability. But there are always those who prefer to choose a race that favors the class better. In this context, only the races that most benefit the Fighter Tank will be listed:

  • Human – With +3 for any stats and +250 for all offensive and defensive rankings, they are still a balanced choice for both Tank and DPS.
  • Dwarf – The dwarf gets +2 Constitution and can receive +2 Strength, being a good choice for a Tank. Stand Your Ground, although not necessary, helps to defend against annoying knockback during the tank. Cast-Iron boosts defense in 2000.
  • Halfling – The halfling is another choice for Tank. They receive a bonus of +2 Dexterity and +2 Constitution or +2 Charisma. Nimble Reaction gives a bonus of 1500 Deflection, the Bold bonus that increases resistance to control, which is also not bad at all.
  • Tiefling – Another good option for Tank as it can receive +2 Charisma and +2 Constitution plus increase damage by 5% on enemies with less than 50% of life and has a small random chance to reduce enemy damage by 2, 5% after being hit.
  • Dragonborn –  Bonus of +2 for any two statistics is fine, lets you make sure you are not losing your attribute points. Draconic Heritage increases healing received, giving a good bonus to Tanks creations. Draconic Fury helps with critical and with damage, which greatly helps a FPS DPS. It’s as good a class for Tank as it is for DPS.


For your Tank to be able to play its role in the DGs you need to focus on Strength and Constitution. The Strength will help you maintain your stamina and increase your damage, which will be indispensable to keep you aggro. Every decent Tank has to invest in Constitution as it is very useful to regenerate your AP in addition to increasing the fighter hitpoints.

*I recently changed the race to Tiefling.


  • Power – without limit
  • Armor penetration – 68000
  • Defense – 68000
  • Critical strike – 63000
  • Critical Avoidance – 73000
  • Accuracy – 68000
  • Deflect – 68000
  • Combat Advantage – 118000
  • Awareness –  78000

Critical strike base: 5%

Critical strike cap: 50%

Defense cap: 50%

Deflect cap: 50%

Combat Advantage base: 10%

Combat Advantage cap: 100%


Powers are a resource that must be chosen carefully, many that you will use to keep enemies fixed on you (aggro) others will keep you alive and still be able to protect your group or even aid in damage. This part of the guide aims to show you the best possible choices for choosing powers, feats, paragons, at-wills and other mechanics of the class.



The Paragon for the Fighter is called Vanguard and can give you the means to make it a powerful Tank on the front line.


  • Brazen Slash – Main At-will. Recover Stamina with each hit.
  • Tide Iron or Cleave – Tide Iron is very good for increasing your threat (when combined with the feat Rising Tide) but cleave has a larger range area, which can help keep aggro.


  • Enforced Threat – this is your main source of threats.
  • Linebreaker – in addition to causing damage generates quite a threat and has a great range.
  • Anvil of Doom – when combined with Anvil of Challenge puts you at the top of the target list. Best at-will to generate single target threat.
  • Knight’s Challenge – a valuable asset if you are having problems in keeping your stamina full.
  • Iron Warrior – reduces damage taken by 20%.
  • Shield Throw – only useful if you are using Shieldthrower.


  • Determination – The best fighter daily. Along with Perfect Block you can block without consuming stamina for 10 seconds. Determination + Perfect Block + Dig In = temporary immortality.
  • Second Wind or Bladed Rampart – Your second daily will depend a lot on the way you play, both are excellent choices.


  • Block – Lift the shield and block all damage and control effects at a 180 ° angle. The shield has a life equivalent to 50% of the Fighter’s life and blocks the cost of Stamina.
  • Dig In – Take a defensive position and block all damage at a 360 degree angle with a shield equivalent to 75% of your hit points. Unlike the block, the fighter is still while executing the Dig In.
  • Retaliate – By immediately blocking using the Dig In counterattack automatically your opponent.
  • Path of the Vanguard – Increases threat generation, max hit points increases to 40% and causes 10% less damage.

Class Feature

  • Anvil of Challenge – a mandatory choice if you intend to use the anvil to generate threat.
  • Enduring Warrior – decreases damage taken by 5% if his life is less than 25%.
  • Greater Endurance – increases your speed of movement when your stamina is full. A good choice for those who like to advance quickly in the DGs.
  • Shield Talent – increases your stamina regeneration.


  • Staying Power or Shieldthrower – this is a choice that will greatly depend on your game style, if you do not want to use Shield Thrower to generate threat opt ​​for Staying Power, it will be useful to increase the aggro of Enforced Threat.
  • Rising Tide – guarantees an area of ​​effect to the tide of iron.
  • Critical Deflection – a great alternative to generate stamina recovery.
  • Perfect Block – a mandatory choice as it makes it possible to block for 10 seconds without consuming stamina.
  • Deep Breathing or Shake it Off – this choice is at your discretion as it is not such an important choice for your tank.


Enhanced Application is the best option for Master Boons, in tier 5 the best options are: Wellcome Blessings, Second Wind and Call of Power, from tier 4 to 1 focus on the boons of health and power points, use any remaining points other boon you need.


Guild Boons

  • Power (offense)
  • Deflect or Hit Point (defense)
  • Experience or Mount Speed (utility)
Companions and Mounts


Something that has also changed drastically were the mates, some of whom applied buffs and debuffs while using their skills were nerfed and can not do that anymore. Partners can only use items unique to their type, different from before they could also use player items. Companion equipment is now universal and can only be equipped with runes. The spaces of the active companions were five and could store them in different types. Now the classes have spaces for offensive, defensive and utilitarian companions, each of which has its own space and bonus. The fighter has only one space for an offensive companion, three spaces for defensive companions, and one space for utility companion. Augments are now widely used as summoned companions, as they give more statistics overall. I recommend using summoned one of the companions who are in the dedicated spaces. Below are some options, so choose according to the need of your Build:

  • Offense – Deepcrow Hatchling, Tamed Velociraptor, Cave Bear, Rimefire Golem, Star of Simril and Zhentarin Warlock.
  • Defense – Iron Golem, Moonshae Druid, Bulette Pup, Frozen Galeb Duhr, Chicken, Harper Bard and Rust Monster.
  • Utility – Energon or Dread Warrior.


  • Mount Combat Power: Armored Griffon or Swift Golden Lion
  • Mount Equip Power: War Triceratops.

Mount Insignia Bonuses

  • Artificer’s Persuasion: Whenever you use an Artifact power, your cooldown are reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Champion’s Return: Whenever you are reduced to 50% Hit Points, you instantly recover 10% of your stamina and are healed for 10% of your maximum Hit Points over 10 seconds.
  • Champion’s Struggle: Whenever you are reduced to 50% Hit Points, you instantly recover 5% of your stamina and are healed for 5% of your maximum Hit Points over 10 seconds.
  • Gladiator’s Guile – When your Stamina is above 75%, you move 10% faster. When your Stamina is below 25%, gain 10% of your Power as Stamina Gain.
  • Wanderer’s Fortune – You have a  chance after killing a foe to find a Refining Stone.
  • Oppressor’s Reprieve: Whenever you are Stunned, Knocked, or Rooted, you are healed for 5% of your maximum Hit Points over 5 seconds.
  • Survivor’s Blessing: Whenever you Deflect an attack, you are healed for 1% of your maximum Hit Points over 5 seconds.
  • Survivor’s Gift: Whenever you Deflect an attack, you are healed for 1.5% of your maximum Hit Points over 5 seconds.
  • Barbarian’s Revelery; Whenever you perform a Critical Strike, you are healed for 1% of your Max Hit Points.

Here are some suggestions for weapon enchantment and armor, but feel free to try others, as much can still change in the current module. I chose some options very recommended by other Fighters:

  • Weapon – Feytouched, Bronzewood, Lightning or Holy Avenger.
  • Armour – Elven Battle or Shadowclad (rank 11).

Offensive and defensive enchantments are a choice usually based on your need. Critical Strike and Defense have become very easy statistics to achieve. Others, such as Deflection, Combat Advantage and Critical Avoidance are harder to hit, so look at the statistics your Fighter is most dependent on. If you already have all the offensive and defensive stats invest in Power and Hit Point.

Gear and Artifacts

There is not much to talk about about equipment as there is no formula ready! Feel free to choose the equipment that best provides statistics and buffs at your fingertips. The best equipment is the one you can get in the moment of need. Just be careful to choose upgraded items that can provide useful buffs.

Much has changed about the artifacts in module 16, but its functions, however, have not changed yet. Usually the choice of artifacts is determined by three main reasons:

  1. you need 1 artifact to use along with your artifact set;
  2. you will need 1 active artifact that increases your damage and that of the group or even some that gives some debuff;
  3. choose the last 2 based on the status that does not have the cap.
  • Guide created in 06/10/2019
  • Update 06/14/2019 adjustments
  • Update 06/19/2019 adjustments
  • Update 07/04/2019 adjustments


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  • Lerissa
    June 15, 2019 at 12:35 am

    Thx for the build this cleared a lot up for me how many offense, defense and utility does a tank have for the Companion and also does the enchantments matter on the character if so what have you been using

    • June 17, 2019 at 4:07 am

      Thank you for giving your opinion! On the enchantments I’m using radiant on the offensive and the defensive I’m alternating between silvery and dark to improve my deflection and critical avoidance.

  • Lerrissa
    June 15, 2019 at 1:23 am

    Thx for the guide it cleared a lot up for me for companions how many offense,defense and utility for the companions for tank and did the enchantments change at all for offense and defense

  • Michael R Page
    June 18, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    The new biuld is so unplayable, i have actually stopped playing your game. You all ruened it so i deleated the game and will never play it again. Advice, if you want to keep people, stop breaking what is not broken, and concintrate on better materials and fixing bugs.

  • June 20, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    What do you think about drow as race? it’s a good option for a tank as it give a little debuff to all mob / boss and you can put +2 on cha for free speed charge

    • June 20, 2019 at 8:46 pm

      Thank you for interacting! Any class will give you a good tank, do not get too attached to the list. Drow is a great Tank! I prefer Drow to be a DPS. But that depends on the taste of each one! Dexterity and charisma are very good for a DPS Fighter.

  • BigDuaneo
    June 20, 2019 at 2:06 pm

    Thanks for the build!

  • June 20, 2019 at 6:14 pm

    What do you think about drow as race? it’s a good option for a tank as it give a little debuff to all mob / boss and you can put +2 on cha for free speed charge

    • June 20, 2019 at 8:46 pm

      Thank you for interacting! Any class will give you a good tank, do not get too attached to the list. Drow is a great Tank! I prefer Drow to be a DPS. But that depends on the taste of each one! Dexterity and charisma are very good for a DPS Fighter.

  • June 23, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    Thanks for this guide, it’s been a big help with the new changes to mod 16. Do you have any suggestions for weapon sets also?

  • Lucky
    June 26, 2019 at 8:28 am

    I have both holy avenger and lightning at rank 11, which would you recommend of the 2 for gf tank 22k?

  • Wolenberg Silva
    June 26, 2019 at 1:49 pm

    Salve brother, boa explicação, mas diz ai qual set de artefato vc ta usando ? e quais os outros 3 artefatos , o ativo e os 2 livres que vc selecionou para seu Fighter Tank. Vlw mano

    • June 27, 2019 at 1:24 pm

      Salve mano, obrigado por usar meu guia e pela pergunta! Estou usando o Constructed Demise Set mais o Trobriand’s Ring deixo como secundário, os outros dois secundários são o Erratic Drift Globe e Arcturia’s Music Box (ainda estou tentando farmar a caixa de música). Meu artefato ativo é o Wyvern-Venon Coated Kniffes. Abraço!

  • Lerrissa
    July 7, 2019 at 6:44 pm

    What do I want my control bonus at or dose not matter

  • Lerrissa
    July 9, 2019 at 9:06 pm

    Why says increases effectiveness of control powers against my targets that’s all my powers
    Should I lower my CB then I’m at 19 i can drop it to 6%

  • Andrew Tomlinson
    July 15, 2019 at 10:16 am

    Combat Advantage and Critical Chance don’t have “Bases”. They have 5 and 10 percent bonuses “by default” which makes it sound like a base, but it appears that Cryptic don’t understand the meaning of the term “By Default”.

    Those percentages for Crit and CA are rolled back at a rate off 1%:1000 points into the base stat. So when you look at your Crit Strike on your character sheet that number already includes the “Base” 5%.

    So it DOES need to be 68’000 Crit if you are wanting to go into LoMM at full stat cap. (6000 for pretty much anything else).

    Confusing, I know, but I got that clarification direct from Jared Sears (the lead system designer) so I’m pretty sure it’s accurate.

  • Diego
    July 19, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    Hey man, tks for your build. Eu criei um GF Dragonborn, e estou usando sua build de tank com algumas modificações nos companions (estou focando mais no incoming healing). Mas, gostaria de perguntar se você teria uma build de DPS (ou solo para as quests). Abrçs e muito obrigado.

    • August 5, 2019 at 3:03 pm

      Acima deixei um link sobre a tradução desse guia, lá você vai encontrar tanto a build de Tank quanto uma versão DPS. Obrigado por usar meu guia.

  • Tim
    July 29, 2019 at 6:20 am

    Does a Vanguard need high Combat Advantage??

    • August 5, 2019 at 3:07 pm

      You don’t have to have the high combat advantage, the statistics in the guide are for readers to have a basis for building. Thank you for interacting!

  • Tim Borrego
    July 29, 2019 at 6:25 am

    Is Combat advantage an important stat to cap for Vanguard?

    • August 5, 2019 at 3:07 pm

      You don’t have to have the high combat advantage, the statistics in the guide are for readers to have a basis for building. Thank you for interacting!

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